Cimarron Breeze Winter Concert Series Finale Features Grammy Nominee Eliza Gilkyson

It was another evening of great music at the Old Church in Perkins on Saturday, March 2nd!  It was the final show for the winter Cimarron Breeze concert series with Oklahoma singer/songwriter Nellie Clay, along with Kyle Reid and Mary Catherine Reynolds, opening for Grammy-nominee Eliza Gilkyson.

Nellie Clay & The Lucky Dogs

Nellie Clay and the Lucky Dogs (from the album Never Did What I Shoulda Done) - The Last Frontier that became the breeding ground for the songs of Nellie Clay was not made of stars or outer spaces. Quick summers, and long winters filed with ice and snow created the solitude on what might have sometimes seemed like the end of civilization.

Interview with Joe Armstrong of Independent’s Day

Last year I did a remote interview with Joe Armstrong of Independent’s Day in California.Included in this interview are live recordings of my band mates and I in studio in Nashville, Tn.Since then, we’ve added some people and songs and gone back in the studio to make a brand new record to be released this summer. Check out this interview where I dodge personal questions and talk about Stalin, but more importantly,you can hear some new tunes.

Nellie Clay & The Lucky Dogs, These Dogs Can Hunt

A handwritten note backed with stark honest songwriting, artfully crafted song quests delivered with individuality and venerable attitude are a sure fire way to the inner layers of my musical heart, black as it may appear at times. That said, Nellie Clay is a badass. In the most beautiful and passionate vernacular possible, she’s a go getter, follows no path of bullshit, and even has a trademark ‘yowl’ that I’ve interpreted as a nod to her upbringings in the prideful states of Oklahoma and Alaska collectively – it’s part yodel, part howl, all gravy.

Nellie Clay & The Lucky Dogs

Every now and then, in an innocuous building in an industrial part of Anchorage, magic happens. I was very fortunate to be painting at my studio on nights when a band would rehearse down the hall. The band was Nellie Clay & The Lucky Dogs and they were great! I would turn off whatever I was listening to, pour myself a drink and listen to the emerging tracks that would ultimately comprise the newly released CD, Never Did What I Shoulda Done.